A Day on Trains: Romania to Hamburg, Germany

A Day on the Rails: Budapest to Hamburg

I should have known that arriving in Budapest with no hotel reservation fo the day, but having a rail ticket with the option of going pretty much anywhere in Europe meant that I was never going to stay put any longer than the time it took to have breakfast.

So how far can you travel in a day in Europe? In this case, a total of just under 2000km and through 4 countries. Its possible to go further - for example I could have made it to Paris, but my aim wasn't really to set any record, more that on the spur of the moment I decided it would be nice to spend the day traveling on some of the worlds best trains.

If you're thinking... hang on, leaving at 8pm on one day, and arriving at 10pm the following one isn't exactly a day, then the answer can be found here: Eurail travel days. If you're leaving on an overnight train after 7pm and arriving the following morning after 4 am, only the following day is counted, so in effect you get a few bonus hours.

One of the great things about having a rail pass is that the cost of individual segments isn't a problem. In this case the total cost of the trip, as traveled would have been $552!

Daily Travel Photo: Hamburg Altona Train Station - the end of a lon day of railing! Canon 5D mk2 + 17-40mm f4L

Click through to the full blog post for a selection of photos from 2000km of travel!

  1. Sighişoara train station
  2. Train 1: Sighişoara to Budapest - inside a 1st class carriage
  3. Budapest Train Station before breakfast
  4. Budapest Train Station - 9am
  5. Train 2: "Railjet"
  6. Train 2: "Railjet" inside
  7. Lunch stop in Linz, Austria
  8. Train 3: ICE 3 from Deutsche Bahn
  9. A pair of ICE trains - ICE 3 in foreground & ICE 2 behind it

Sighişoara train station, Romania
Train 1: Sighişoara to Budapest - inside a 1st class carriage
Budapest Train Station, Hungary
Budapest Train Station, Hungary
Train 2: "Railjet", Austria
Train 2: "Railjet", Austria
Lunch-stop in Linz, Austria
Train 3: ICE 3 from Deutsche Bahn
A pair of ICE trains - ICE 3 in foreground & ICE 2, Germany
The whole route... 2000km



You had me at the top photo with the ICE train parked at Hamburg Altona, a station with which I'm all too familiar, as well as the bottom photo of the trains at Hannover Hbf.

I'm almost of the belief I've been visiting Germany so frequently in the last few years, not only to visit friends throughout the country, but to hop aboard an ICE and see the countryside between Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg, between Berlin and Köln, or between Hamburg and München.

Thanks for your article on your train trips from Budapest to Hamburg!

Excellent post! I've been wondering how these eurail travel days work.
Thanks for sharing your travels.

Seems like a few conductors also wonder the same thing - helps to keep the rail guide they give you so that you can show them!

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